What is Forex, ways to profit from it, and how is mobile trading done

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What is Forex, ways to profit from it, and how is mobile trading done

 What is forex, ways to profit from it, and how to trade on mobile

Forex or Forex in English, meaning an exchange between foreign currencies, and the word forex is an abbreviation for "Foreign Exchange", which is a common term in the world of finance and economics, and in the recent period it has spread more than, especially with technological progress, the opening of the world and the expansion of work to include the Internet and it is One of the best ways to profit from the Internet.

As online trading or online trading is among the most popular ways to make money from the Internet now and the most widespread, and currency and stock trading has become a prevalent profession in which many people work around the world, and in our Arab countries it has become a field Trading currencies and stocks is well known and everyone wants to go to it because of the abundant financial profit that can be achieved through this field.

What is Forex:

Forex, in a very brief way, dear reader, is currency trading, so you can trade in currencies or trade in currencies online or trade in company stocks or sell gold, oil and silver over the Internet from your device, meaning that you are doing the process of buying and selling various types of different types on the Internet.

And currency trading means that you buy a certain currency and it is low in price and then you sell it when the price rises and reap the profit difference, which depends on the amount of the currency that you have purchased and also depends on the value of the currency or the stock, gold or oil, or what you invested in it formally. Year.

I mean, whenever you buy more than a certain currency or a certain stock, and this currency or stock rises in value, when you sell it, you will make abundant and very much money, and there are many people now, even in Arab countries, who rely on currency trading as a basic profession to make On her way millions.

And the Forex trading market is known to grow significantly and every day and on a daily basis, up to 4 trillion dollars are traded daily in this market, which can explain to you the amount of money that is pumped into Forex and also can make you expect the number of people who work in stock trading Which is a very staggering number.

Now that we know briefly and accurately the answer to the question of what is forex, conditions, now we will move to another very important question, which is: Why trade forex or why trade stocks in general?

What is trading:


Trading is a natural buying and selling process, meaning that you buy a certain share at a price and sell it at a higher price, and thus you earn the profit difference.

Trading is a group of buying and selling that takes place through stocks, digital currencies or regular currencies, meaning that you buy a share in a specific company and you will not take, for example, Facebook, and then after the share price has risen, you sell it and so you make a profit. For example, if you bought the stock for a dollar and sold it for a dollar and a half, you won half.

The same logic applies to currency trading, as you buy a certain amount of a currency and then sell it when it reaches a certain price, and the buying and selling process must be based on awareness in the sense that you must have even a simple knowledge of what you are investing in.

In order to work in the field of online currency trading, the matter is simple and does not require anything from you, but a computer or a smartphone, after that you search for the best trading company and preferably also be the best forex trading company exactly, then you register in it, then you get Calculate and charge it with the amount that can be saved and start buying and selling stocks or trading currencies and trading in Forex.

But we recommend that you do this in the beginning always with a fake work provided by most forex companies, so that they give you a virtual amount in order to learn trading until you become good after that you can charge your account with a small amount of money via your bank card.

How to profit from the Forex world easily:

Can any ordinary person who is not fully aware of everything related to the world of profit in Forex, make a profit from it? The logical answer will be that you will not be able to achieve any profit in something that he does not know, but we assure you that the correct answer is yes, of course! It is in an end

Simplicity, which is that although you do not fully know you can expect a price movement for something, not despite a quick reading in the case of the country in which you are located, here you will be able to succeed in trading operations, for example: If you notice from the economic news in the world, The value of the euro is depreciating, all you have to do is buy dollars in denomination, the euro / dollar

From this process it is very possible to achieve big gains, or you may lose, the controlling factor in this is the correctness of your expectation, and is it true or false !? The lesson is not knowledge of the laws and secrets in this vast world, but rather a sound expectation that is no less important than knowledge of Forex assets.

What is the difference between Forex and Stock Exchange:

Forex and stock exchange have the same work, and the only difference between them is that the stock exchange is traded locally, that is, if you were in Saudi Arabia, and you bought shares from your country's stock exchange, and those shares were to decline, you will lose your money, without being able to accurately determine the losses, as You are not going to profit because it is

As for Forex, on the contrary, a stock may suffer a sudden drop, but you will not get more losses, because you are simply able to determine your losses and gains, and even stop the loss at the limit you want.

How to learn Forex:

Learning this big world of forex, it does not need many things, only patience, diligence and access to everything new in this field, because professional traders are the ones who always strive to develop them, now it is not difficult any longer, news is on the Internet, and your ability to analyze The right ones will help you profit.

The most important thing that you must know and master is the mastery of appropriate decision-making at the right time. You must intend tools of good follow-up.

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